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Quick, Easy & Affordable

No More Core Charges
Use Your Existing Calipers*
Save Down Time
Virtually Eliminate Leaky Calipers
Double Your Sealing Power
Upgrade & Rebuild at the Same Time

Our Dr. Vette Corvette Brake Caliper Conversion Kits allow you to not only completely rebuild, but upgrade your existing brake calipers quickly, easily and affordably. Designed to save you down time, the cost of new calipers, core costs and the outrageous shipping costs of getting them to your door. With all the savings and upgrades these kits are truly a no brainer. Upgrade today to the trouble free O-ring Piston design that also gives you double the sealing power, virtually eliminating the common problematic leaking caliper syndrome.

Note: 1965-66 Corvettes are 1st design calipers, these kits are for the 2nd design. The majority of 1st design calipers have been stainless steel sleeved and converted over the last 46 years to the 2nd design. Please check your calipers before ordering, the pistons should look like the ones pictured (see Download instructions below).

NOTE: MUST BE USED WITH STAINLESS STEEL SLEEVED CALIPERS.g Caliper Upgrade Kit Does All 4 Calipers. Kit includes all parts to completely rebuild and convert all calipers to O-ring Seals. All Bolts, Bleeders, Pistons, Seals, Mounting Hardware, and Springs.

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