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1963-1982 C2 / C3 Corvette 360 Pound (360#) Rear Composite Mono Spring.

The unique Rear Composite Monospring improves ride and handling, saves weight (weighs just 9-lbs vs. stock a 45-lb 9 leaf spring) and lasts virtually forever. Also, the spring will not corrode, de-arch or fatigue like its steel predecessor.

The 360-lb/in spring is recommended for all big block cars as well as high performance small block applications. It will give a very firm ride and improved handling.

For race applications, we recommend a 420-lb/in rear spring. For a softer ride, we recommend a 300-lb/in or 330-lb/in rear spring.

All VBP Composite Monosprings are manufactured in America and have a five year limited warranty.

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